Fun Dentistry For New Grads!

In today’s competitive landscape the NEW Prime Study Group is the perfect place to launch your dental career. This premier program, now catered to new graduates, will advance your clinical skills and give you the confidence you need to be the best dentist you can be.

Dentistry is evolving and our programs at VDEC Education adapt to serve the community and professionals by providing quality CE.

Your Own Professional Development Team

When you join a VDEC Prime study club you belong to your own professional development team that is challenging, supportive and social.

Blended Learning

VDEC Prime provides a unique, blended learning experience. In-depth courses combine guided instruction through mentorship and expert insights, with live-patient, hands-on learning.

Peer-to-Peer Contact

VDEC Prime study groups meet monthly for lecture and clinic sessions.

2023/2024 DATES

More details to come!

Thursday, September 28th: 6 to 9 pm

Introduction (Lecture)

Saturday, October 26th: 6 to 9pm

Adhesive Dentistry (Lecture)

Thursday, November 9th: 6 to 9 pm

Crown/Bridges (Lecture)

This program is FREE for New Graduates!


Saturday, January 20th: 9am to 4pm

Restorative, Crowns, Bridges, Inlay (Clinicial)

Thursday, February 8th: 6pm - 9pm

Surgery: Sutures, Hemostasis, Complications, Essential Surgery Extractions (Lecture)

Saturday, April 3th: 9am to 4pm

Surgery (Clinical)

I’m interested in growing within my field of dentistry.

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