Orthodontics Study Club with
Dr. Belinda Weltman

VDEC's Orthodontics study club is meant for the novice practitioner who wants to learn orthodontics starting with the basics and moving up to more complex cases. Students will learn Fixed Edgewise Appliance didactic and hands on practical skills, Invisalign protocols and treatment planning, team development, appointment bookings, payment plans, supplies, and scheduling. Students are also encouraged to present cases and share knowledge in a safe and fun environment. Dr. Weltman has spoken for the VDEC study groups in the past and has come across as intelligent, sympathetic and possesses great knowledge in the orthodontic arena and will be a great mentor

The VDEC Orthodontics Study Club with Dr. Belinda Weltman will be held at fun and sophisticated venues like the Terminal City Club, and the food will be first class as well.

Dr. Belinda Weltman, Orthodontist

Dr. Weltman grew up in Vancouver, and is a certified specialist in orthodontics and Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She obtained her dental degree at the University of Manitoba, and her specialty training at The Ohio State University. Belinda is an Invisalign Diamond Provider and recognized Kois Specialist, strongly believing that evidence-based approaches are essential in orthodontics. She has written a chapter on root resorption for an evidence-based orthodontic textbook, and has lectured at the American Association of Orthodontics National Meeting.

When not in the office, Dr. Belinda enjoys skiing, traveling and cooking. She and her husband Ryan have two young daughters.

2021/22 Program Details


  • Tuesday October 26th
  • Tuesday November 30th
  • Tuesday January 11th
  • Tuesday February 8th
  • Tuesday March 15th
  • Tuesday April 12th
  • Saturday April 30th

Time: 6-9pm

Location: TBD

Price: $4195 + supplies and taxes


  • Dinner included with each session
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own cases for review and collaboration
  • 1 team session will be included where doctors can bring their Dental Assistants
  • Your Treatment Coordinators will learn materials, booking strategies, and paperwork
  • Students will gain orthodontic knowledge as well as an opportunity to have a case mentored by Dr. Weltman!

2019/20 Curriculum

September 25
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • Course overview; review of course materials
  • Diagnosis of Malocclusion and treatment planning
  • Andrews Six Keys to Occlusion
  • Orthodontic Records
    • Photography
    • Cephalometric analysis
  • Case selection
  • Bracket Systems/prescription
  • Wire selection
October 16
Stages of Orthodontic Treatment
  • Level and Aligning
  • Sagittal Mechanics
    • Overview of Biomechanics
    • Center of Resistance • Tooth movement concepts • Anchorage
  • Finishing and Retention
  • Review of student cases (bring records of patients in your practice)

November 27
Hands on Session

  • Bracket placement – learn how to properly position brackets on models
  • Pliers/Wires – changing numerous types of archwires with different bracket types
    • Wire bending
  • Cephalometric tracing
  • Review of student cases (bring records of patients in your practice)

January 15
Early Treatment

  • Who, When, and Why early treatment
  • Patient selection
  • Early treatment goals
  • Review of primary dentition/ Growth and development
  • Space loss in the Primary and Mixed dentition
    • Holding arches
  • Midline symmetry/asymmetry
  • Anterior cross-bites
  • Posterior cross-bites; functional shift of the Mandible
  • Ectopic molar eruption
  • Upper midline Diastemas
  • Serial extractions
  • Class I crowding overview
  • Class II, treatment timing for class II correction
  • Class III growers and growth patterns
  • Arch width assessment
  • Developing arch width – palatal expansion
  • Adequate vs. Inadequate transverse development
  • Mixed Dentition Space analysis in detail
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)

February 19
Team Night

  • Materials – Pliers/instruments/Auxillaries
  • Work flow and Booking strategies
  • Financing/Paperwork
  • Hands on photography?

March 11
Clear Aligner Therapy and Accelerated

  • Orthodontics
  • Invisalign Treatment, Clear Correct, 3M aligners,
  • Bolton discrepancies
    • Interproximal reduction techniques
  • Acceleration Techniques
  • Review of student cases (Bring records of patients in your practice)

April 29
Retention, Finishing and Wire Bending

  • Clinical Orthodontics
  • Anchorage Control
  • Orthodontic lab prescriptions
  • Appliance design
  • Removable retainers (clasping requirements)
  • Bonded Lingual retainers
    • Review of student cases (bring records of patients in your practice)

May 23
Wrap Up and Year End Dinner

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