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Are you looking for a new peer network or an in-depth course to brush up on your skills? Or are you ready for an advanced, accredited program to take your dentistry to a new level of mastery? Wherever you’re at in your career VDEC has it all!



"Every moment is an opportunity for learning. This is the VDEC Elite philosophy I’ve taken back to my team. It has shifted our focus to caring about and understanding what the client really needs. As a result of my VDEC Elite experience, my whole team is empowered to make treatment decisions that are right for our patients. Our patients trust us more now which is worth its weight in gold."

Dr. M., VDEC Elite Member and 15-year Practitioner of General Dentistry

Study Clubs


VDEC is changing the face of dentistry. Learn from the best... how to BE your best!


Smile Design Course

1000.jpg VDEC’s comprehensive Smile Design course blends business insights with practical and profitable techniques to last you, your team and your patients a lifetime.


Annual Event

K4KN8BFQrL4quz1whpmw_copy.jpg VDEC is proud to offer events which are fun, entertaining and educational. We encourage you to check out our events for something that speaks to you and your team.


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