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Whether you're interested in sponsoring a single event, or would like to create a long term relationship, we would love to hear from you.

The VDEC Study Groups have seen over 200 doctors go through the programs, many growing to become lecturers and teachers themselves. All our students have found a high level of success in their practices as a result of VDEC and continue return year after year for more professional development.

We believe that it takes a community effort for our doctors to reach big audiences. Our doctors depend on mentorship from VDEC and support from you, our sponsors. With this community, they are able to grow and learn how to support themselves.


"Having the support of Citagenix and Nobel Biocare provide equipment and materials onsite for the surgical days is a great way for dentists to provide implants and grafting without investing tens of thousands of dollars in stocking inventory from instruments, motors, implant parts, and purchasing software for CT scans."

VDEC Study Club Doctor

Community Support

Every year VDEC Education supports a scholarship award to UBC Dentistry. Congratulations to this year’s recipient and graduate Dr. Kevin Liu! Congratulations to class of 2020.


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