Implant Surgery Mentorship that comes to your office!

Our Implant Surgery Study Group allows for dentists to enjoy the benefits of being in the comfort of their own office, working on their own patients, while learning from VDEC!

We bring the big equipment and get the office set for future cases so our study group dentists can be set for success!

Don't wait! Get started today!

"I'd like to express my thanks the VDEC implant mentorship program and VDECs continued support of helping and advising me over the last few years for surgeries.

The surgical mentorship program has allowed me to continue developing and be confident in placing implants with grafting procedures. In the two years, since the start of my surgical program, I've been able to offer many patients single implants and alveolar socket preservations in my own office and bring in patients to surgical days for more difficult cases, such as the last two cases with lateral window sinus augmentations.

Wilson, in my opinion, you provide not only excellent surgical mentorship in implantology but also provide esthetically driven implant placement and restorations as well."

Dr. Stephen Chow

“I am so grateful to have been part of your Implant Study Group for my implants. I’m thrilled with how they turned out. Dr. Choi did a fantastic job. He’s so fortunate to have you [Dr. Wilson J Kwong] as his mentor. Again, you have made such a stunning transformation of my smile and my life. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and care about creating a healthy, happy and brilliant smile.”

Denise North


  • January 11 SOLD OUT
  • February 15 SOLD OUT
  • May 17 SOLD OUT
  • June 7 SOLD OUT
  • October 11
  • November 1 SOLD OUT

For each date, Dr. Wilson J Kwong will mentor and assist you during your implant surgeries on your patients, in your own office. This includes training your team, set up, working with you on your patient, meals, and CE credits.


  • $650 per implant surgery case
  • $1000 per sinus augmentation/grafting case
  • All-on-4 available - billed on a case by case basis

Note: this does not include any grafting materials; we supply equipment; doctors to supply their own assistants whom we will train.

All doctors get a maximum of two free implants (one per patient) and subsequent implants ordered from Nobel Biocare at 50% off.

I’m interested in growing within my field of dentistry.

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