Mastery & Support to Last a Lifetime

VDEC Elite is an exclusive and intimate study club for established dental professionals. Whether you’re seeking a new challenge, considering growth in your practice, or want to renew fulfillment in your dental career, this masters-level study club will deliver.


"Elite means ‘at a top level.’ With less than 10 members in this exclusive program, each of us takes to heart how to best serve the community and our profession. As a result of my VDEC Elite experience I have seen the lives of my patients and my team change. The quality of this education is far superior to any I have experienced in my 20-year career."
Dr. K., VDEC Elite Member and Owner of 4 Dental Practices

"Every moment is an opportunity for learning. This is the VDEC Elite philosophy I’ve taken back to my team. It has shifted our focus to caring about and understanding what the client really needs. As a result of my VDEC Elite experience, my whole team is empowered to make treatment decisions that are right for our patients. Our patients trust us more now which is worth its weight in gold."

Dr. M., VDEC Elite Member and 15-year Practitioner of General Dentistry

"VDEC Elite really is ‘changing the face of dentistry.’ This program is about personal and professional growth. The way I see it, if we’re doing this work (professional dentistry) for 8 to 10 hours a day for 30 years, it’s imperative to love what you do! VDEC Elite is encouraging me to do just that — to continue growing and loving what I do."

VDEC Elite Member and 30-year Dental Practice Owner


Inner Circle Support

Elite Study Club members enjoy opportunities to travel and learn together, as well as dine in some of the finest restaurants in Vancouver. With the leadership of Dr. Wilson Kwong, VDEC’s Founder, renowned dental practitioner, educator and practice consultant, Elite members belong to an inner circle – a professional support system that will last a lifetime.


Elite Full-Mouth Mastery

Elite full-mouth mastery is a masters-level program for Full Mouth Reconstruction and Advanced Physiological Occlusion. True to VDEC’s signature blended learning model, this program includes lectures and analysis, demonstrations, collaborations, hands-on, live-patient learning, and business strategies for full integration of these skills and services into your practice.


Exclusive Memberships

VDEC Elite is a limited-seat study club. Before your exclusive spot is taken, contact us to schedule your interview with Dr. Kwong.


Personal mentorship and live-patient learningare at the centre of this

intimate and advanced study club. After a successful interview with Dr. Wilson J Kwong your membership entitles you to a full year of expert insights, one-to-one coaching, and a lifetime of learning and support from fellow Elite members.

Studies throughout the year are applied to your own real world cases. You and your study group will actively share and discover ways to advance every aspect of your practice — from full-mouth rehabilitation techniques, to leadership and communications, to business and technology solutions.

Your VDEC Elite membership promises to have lasting positive impact on relationships with your dental team and every one of your patients. VDEC Elite offers CE credits, networking and travel opportunities. Monthly meeting attendance is required for accredited completion of the Elite Masters Series. Lectures and events are conveniently held outside regular business hours and all evening sessions include networking and dining at some of Vancouver’s finest eateries. As part of the Elite Travel Lecture Series each year members have opportunities to visit and bond at excitingvenues outside Vancouver.

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